Videos and Photos

Custom Made Name is a video and photo company specializing in commercial video production and photography for weddings, corporate events, commercials, training videos, head shots, and more.

There are a few things you should know to get you acquainted.

Every Custom Made Name customer gets only the best results because we don't think we make many videos.  We make one video for each person.  This guarantees a special result no matter the occasion.

We have competitive pricing in all video and photo matters.  The prices cover our staff and equipment, so they are not as low as the rates of starting video and photo enthusiasts who work with consumer or prosumer equipment.

Each Custom Made Name video and photo is made with care and precision, and yet the styles can be requested to be adjusted to taste.  It is most important to get broadcast-quality videos and photos, and additionally the results can be adjusted to fit any person's or company's needs.